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Interview With Dileep

Q. With the success of Parakkum Thalika and Ishtam, you have become a prized actor in Malayalam films. How do you take this situation?

This is just my lady luck. Luck and gift of Providence. I had a feeling that Parakkum Thalika. would be a success when I was acting in it. But I never thought it would become a hit.


Q. Every hit brings a set of clones to the screen. That is the trend of the industry. Would you accept such monotonous roles?

One can't say that definitely. But it is natural to make similar films, when a humorous film becomes a hit. Nobody would risk his or her money in a project, which would fail. So every body connected with the show business takes a path of sure success. Actors also have no choice. I believe that many films fail in box office due to dearth of good stories. Sometimes the stories of present films remind me of old films.

Q. You have acted along with superstars. What have you learned from them?

An actor would automatically learn a lot of things from others. I consider myself as a student of acting. I don't consider myself as a complete actor. I try to learn from my seniors also. (Dileep acted in, Raakshasaraajan along with Mammootty and almost shot a couple of scenes with Mohan Lal in now abandoned Chakram)

Q. Why do you think the audience likes you?

I think people like my looks and expressions. For sometime I was an assistant to director Kamal. This helped me to measure up the possibilities of a character and meet the expectations of a audience.

Q. We miss Manju Warier very much. She is an actress of unmatched talents. Nobody has replaced her so far. Audience is eager to see Manju Warier once again on screen. What is her reaction? Wouldn't you let her act?

It is her decision not to act again. I am happy that every body likes her. It gives me immense pleasure to hear that she is adored as an actress by Keralites. But I don't think she will change her decision. She is a housewife now. We have a daughter Meenakshi. She is content with her present life.

Q. There is a lot of hype around your new film CID Moosa. What is the film all about?

CID Moosa will be a full-length laugh riot. I have tried to give my audience what they want. The film is going to please all, young and old.

Q. Why did you choose to become a producer with this film?

CID Moosa is a big budget film and I did not want any producer to take the big risk of producing the film and burning their fingers. Anyway I was confident about the subject and decided to go ahead with it. That’s how my brother Anoop and myself, launched 'Grand Productions'. We are producing and distributing the film.

Q. Are you worried that your recent films like Sadanathanthe Samayam and Gramaphone were flops?

Both the films are not colossal flops and will recover their cost. According to me they were marketed badly and were released simultaneously. If Gramaphone had released earlier, the film would have done much better. I think both were extremely good films but sad, the audience rejected them.

Q. Which would you rate as your best film till date?

I would rate Kunjikoonan as my best film. I still remember that on the last day of the shoot I was so upset that my acquaintance with Koonan was over. I have never enjoyed doing a character like that before. Joker is also very close to my heart. I should confess that Joker gave me a new lease of life.

Q. Is it true that your films do well only if they are slapstick comedies?

My biggest strength is my audience and if they feel so, I can’t do anything about it. But I try my best not to be stale. Parakkum Thalika and Kuberan were slapsticks but Meesa Madhavan and Thilakkam were not so. I like to be known as an actor first and then a comedian.

Q. What are your next projects?

I am doing a guest role in Ranjit’s Mizhi Randilum. After that I will complete Pattanathil Sundaran. Then there are films by Lal Jose, Joshi, Bhadran...I have not made up my mind yet.

Q. What is your criteria of choosing a film?


I hear the story, read the script and try not to be repetitive. You can make anyone cry by telling some sob story but making the audience laugh is the most difficult thing on earth. So I choose the film depending on the character. I make it a point to hear my audience response after the release of every film. I take their suggestions and criticisms and try to incorporate them in my next film.

Q. How is Manju and your daughter?

They are both fine. After this film I want to find some time for my family, as I have been working round the clock. My wife is my best critic and supporter.

Q. Recently the local press had written about your affair with Kavya Madhavan. Please comment.

(smiles) It was a story spread by my detractors. All this started when two films that we acted got released simultaneously. There is nothing more to this.

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